Titania: A Journey into Virtual Animation and Live 2D Modeling

Titania: A Journey into Virtual Animation and Live 2D Modeling

Titania: A Journey into Virtual Animation and Live 2D Modeling


In the exciting world of animation, a new trend is emerging - virtual streamers. These animated characters, brought to life through 2D animation and Live 2D modeling, captivate audiences with their unique personalities and engaging content. One such virtual streamer is Warningblackdog, known for her charming and lively persona. In this blog post, we will explore the fascinating realm of virtual animation and delve into the basics of Live 2D modeling, taking a closer look at the live class titled "Live 2D (Live 2D) basic lecture for modeling a moving Virtueber" taught by Rattoody.

The Rise of Virtual Streamers

Virtual streamers have gained immense popularity in recent years, captivating viewers across various platforms. These virtual personalities are created using 2D animation techniques, breathing life into characters that interact with the audience through livestreams, videos, and social media. Through the mastery of Live 2D modeling, virtual streamers can express emotions, engage in real-time interactions, and provide an immersive experience to their followers.

Understanding Live 2D Modeling

Live 2D modeling is a technique that allows artists to create dynamic 2D animations by manipulating individual parts of a character's image. This method brings characters to life by adding depth, movement, and expression to their illustrations. By utilizing a combination of art and technology, Live 2D enables virtual streamers to animate their characters seamlessly, providing a more interactive and lifelike experience for their audience.

Join the Live 2D Basics Class by Rattoody

If you're intrigued by the world of virtual animation and want to learn how to create your own moving Virtueber, Rattoody's "Live 2D (Live 2D) basic lecture for modeling a moving Virtueber" class is the perfect starting point. In this comprehensive course, Rattoody will guide you through the fundamentals of Live 2D Cubism, an industry-standard software for creating 2D animations. You'll learn how to construct models, rigging techniques, and animation basics, equipping you with the essential skills to bring your own characters to life.

To enroll in the class, visit here and embark on a journey into the captivating realm of virtual animation and Live 2D modeling.


Virtual streamers have revolutionized the world of animation, providing a fresh and interactive way to engage with audiences. Through the power of Live 2D modeling, these animated characters come to life, captivating viewers with their vibrant personalities and dynamic movements. With Rattoody's Live 2D Basics Class, you too can unlock the magic of virtual animation and start creating your own moving Virtuebers. So, why wait? Join the class today and embark on an exciting journey into the world of virtual animation.

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