Park Jigo: Exploring the Art of Watercolor and iPad Drawing

Park Jigo: Exploring the Art of Watercolor and iPad Drawing

Park Jigo: Exploring the Art of Watercolor and iPad Drawing


In this blog post, we will delve into the captivating world of watercolor painting and iPad drawing through the lens of the talented artist, Park Jigo. With a focus on watercolor basics and drawing techniques, we will explore the journey of a beginner in painting who has become a self-taught expert in creating stunning artwork using traditional and digital mediums.

Watercolor Basics

Park Jigo's artistic journey began with the exploration of watercolor painting. As a beginner, understanding the basics was crucial to mastering this medium. Through practice and experimentation, Jigo developed a profound understanding of color theory, brush techniques, and the delicate balance between control and spontaneity that watercolor demands. Their ability to capture the essence of their subject matter with vibrant hues and fluid brushwork is truly remarkable.

Drawing Basics

In addition to their proficiency in watercolor, Park Jigo has also honed their skills in drawing. The foundation of any artwork lies in its drawing, and Jigo understands this well. They have spent countless hours studying the fundamentals of perspective, composition, and anatomy. This knowledge allows them to create dynamic and engaging illustrations that breathe life into their subjects.

iPad Drawing with Procreate

As technology advances, artists like Park Jigo have embraced the possibilities offered by digital tools. With the help of an iPad and the popular drawing app Procreate, Jigo has expanded their artistic repertoire and brought their creativity to new heights. The combination of traditional watercolor techniques and the digital capabilities of Procreate allows Jigo to experiment, make revisions easily, and achieve stunning results.


Park Jigo's artistic journey exemplifies the power of passion, dedication, and self-exploration. By delving into watercolor basics and drawing fundamentals, they have developed a unique artistic style that captivates viewers. Furthermore, their integration of iPad drawing and Procreate showcases how technology can enhance traditional art forms.

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