Kimura Ansai's Digital Illustrations and Worldview

Kimura Ansai's Digital Illustrations and Worldview

Kimura Ansai's Digital Illustrations and Worldview

Kimura Ansai is a talented digital artist who creates stunning illustrations and compositions using Procreate. His designs are often inspired by his worldview and a sense of the world around him.

Ansai's re-edits of his own artwork showcase his creative process and the evolution of his style over time. He uses a variety of techniques and approaches to create unique pieces that are both beautiful and thought-provoking.

One of Ansai's strengths is his ability to create dynamic compositions that draw the viewer in and convey a strong sense of movement and energy. He also has a keen eye for color and light, which he uses to great effect in his digital paintings.

Kozu, one of Ansai's most famous pieces, is a perfect example of his skill as an illustrator. The composition is striking, with bold lines and bright colors that create a sense of motion and excitement. The level of detail in even the smallest elements of the piece is impressive, showing Ansai's dedication to his craft.

In his class "A method of drawing based on the basis of composition and photography", Ansai shares his insights into the creative process behind his stunning digital illustrations. He teaches students how to create dynamic compositions, choose the right colors and lighting, and develop their own unique style.

Overall, Kimura Ansai's digital art is an inspiring testament to the power of creativity and the beauty of the world around us. For anyone looking to improve their own digital painting skills, his class on Class101 is well worth checking out.

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