Fascinating Blue Watercolor Girl Illustration

Fascinating Blue Watercolor Girl Illustration


In this one point class, learn how to create a glamorous girl illustration using transparent watercolor with a focus on blue and white color palettes. Join Porridge Oka and Yuuri Oka, also known as Okayuuri-one, as they guide you through the process of creating an enchanting piece of art.

The Fascinating Blue Watercolor Girl Illustration

The finished artwork will showcase a gorgeous girl portrait created with blue watercolor and white highlights. This particular color palette adds a sense of elegance and sophistication to the piece, making it truly mesmerizing.

The Oka sisters will teach you how to approach each step of the process, starting from sketching to applying color and adding details that make your work stand out. They will share their techniques and insights on how to use watercolors in a way that creates depth and texture, so your painting comes alive.

By the end of this class, you will have created a stunning artwork that showcases your new skills and knowledge. This is not only a perfect chance for anyone who loves art but also those looking to find new hobbies or develop existing ones.

The Details of the Class

This class will take approximately 2 hours and include the following lessons:

  • Sketching the Portrait
  • Applying Watercolor Layers
  • Adding White Highlights
  • Detailing the Face and Hair

You do not need any prior experience with watercolors to join this class, but you should have basic drawing skills. You'll receive access to all necessary materials upon signing up, which includes the full list of recommended supplies.

The class is hosted on Class101, a platform that provides high-quality online courses for various interests. The link to sign up for this class is https://class101.net/products/6200b8fa0bf80e0014efd6bc.


Creating art is a beautiful way to express yourself and bring joy to others. With this one point class, you'll learn how to create stunning art pieces that you can be proud of. Join Porridge Oka and Yuuri Oka today in discovering the beauty of blue watercolor and white highlights in your artwork.