Cute Character Design Class: Netsubi's Delightful Illustrations and Backgrounds

Cute Character Design Class: Netsubi's Delightful Illustrations and Backgrounds

The ultimate in cuteness! Netsubi's cute characters and background/props design

Netsubi is a renowned illustrator and character designer who specializes in creating adorable and captivating designs. In their character design class, they share their expertise in crafting cute characters and designing enchanting backgrounds and props.

Character Design Class

In this class, Netsubi takes you on a journey into the world of cute character design. They provide step-by-step guidance on how to conceptualize, sketch, and bring your characters to life with their signature charm. From basic shapes to detailed features, you'll learn the techniques to create lovable characters that resonate with every viewer.

Illustrating Cute Designs

Netsubi's illustrations are filled with whimsy and playfulness. In this class, they teach you their unique approach to adding personality and emotion to your characters through expressive facial expressions and body language. You'll discover how to use color palettes effectively and master shading and highlighting techniques to add depth and dimension to your illustrations.

Background Design

A captivating background can elevate your character designs and transport them into immersive worlds. Netsubi shares their secrets to creating stunning backgrounds that complement and enhance your cute characters. Learn how to design enchanting scenery, explore different perspectives, and add intricate details that breathe life into your artwork.

Props Picture

In addition to character and background design, Netsubi also delves into prop picture creation. Discover how to design and incorporate adorable props into your illustrations, whether it's everyday objects or fantastical accessories. Netsubi guides you through the process of adding these delightful elements, making your artwork even more dynamic and engaging.

Photoshop Techniques

During the class, Netsubi demonstrates valuable techniques using Photoshop, a popular software used by professional illustrators. From digital painting to layer management, you'll gain essential skills to bring your artwork to the next level. Netsubi's insights and tips ensure that you can efficiently navigate through the software and make the most out of its features.

Ready to embark on your journey into cuteness? Join Netsubi's character design class today and unlock the secrets behind their adorable illustrations and captivating backgrounds. Sign up now at and unleash your creativity!

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