Creating Abstract CG Using Blender: A Free Software Guide

Creating Abstract CG Using Blender: A Free Software Guide


Creating abstract computer graphics (CG) can be a fun and rewarding hobby or profession. With the free software, Blender, anyone can create stunning 3D and 2D animations that are both cool and cute. In this guide, we'll explore the basics of using Blender to make abstract CG, including modelling, texturing, lighting, and animating.


The first step in creating abstract CG is to create your models. Blender offers numerous tools for creating all kinds of shapes and objects, from simple spheres and cubes to more complex curves and surfaces. You can use these tools to design your own unique abstract models or take advantage of the many pre-made models available online.


Once you have your models, it’s time to add texture and color to them. Blender comes with a range of materials and shaders that you can use to create realistic textures such as metal, fabric, and glass. Additionally, you can use the Shikisai add-on to easily add colorful abstract textures to your models.


Lighting is an important aspect of creating 3D and 2D animations. By carefully adjusting the lighting in your scene, you can highlight your models and create a sense of depth and atmosphere. Blender has a range of lighting options, including point lights, spotlights, and area lights, which can be controlled with ease.


Finally, it's time to bring your abstract CG to life with animation. Blender allows you to animate almost anything, from simple object movements to complex character animations. The software also has a range of tools for adding special effects and motion blur to your animations.


In conclusion, Blender is a powerful and versatile software tool for creating abstract CG. With its range of tools and add-ons, anyone can learn to make cool and cute abstract animations. Whether you are an experienced artist or a complete beginner, let's give it a try!

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