Barbara Luel: Urban Sketching with Watercolor and Rosemary&Co

Barbara Luel: Urban Sketching with Watercolor and Rosemary&Co

Barbara Luel: Urban Sketching with Watercolor and Rosemary&Co

Barbara Luel, a talented artist in the world of urban sketching, beautifully captures cityscapes with her watercolor paintings. Utilizing the vibrant colors and fluidity of watercolors, she brings life to the architecture, streets, and people she depicts.

With a focus on capturing the essence of a moment, Barbara's sketches are spontaneous and full of energy. She embraces imperfections, allowing her brushstrokes to convey the movement and atmosphere of the urban environment. Her use of the Moleskine watercolor sketchbook provides a perfect canvas for her creations, allowing her to work on location and capture scenes as they unfold.

One of the key tools in Barbara's artistic arsenal is her choice of brushes. She swears by the quality and versatility of Rosemary&Co brushes, which enable her to achieve intricate details and bold washes. The combination of watercolor and these exceptional brushes results in breathtaking artwork filled with depth and character.

Barbara's journey in urban sketching began several years ago when she discovered the joy of capturing her surroundings through art. She found solace in sketching at local cafes and bars, immersing herself in the vibrant atmosphere while honing her skills. As she developed her style, she started exhibiting her work in galleries, where her unique approach caught the attention of art enthusiasts around the world.

For those interested in learning the art of urban sketching with watercolor, Barbara offers an online class titled "Urban Sketching in Watercolor: Capture the Moment in Your Sketchbook." In this comprehensive course, participants will learn the techniques and principles behind urban sketching with a focus on watercolor medium. From choosing the right equipment to capturing light and shadow, Barbara guides students through the process of creating captivating urban sketches.

To join Barbara's class and embark on your own urban sketching journey, visit this link. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced artist, this course offers valuable insights and practical tips to help you bring your urban sketches to life with watercolors.

*Please note that the content and availability of the class mentioned in this blog post are subject to change.