Exploring the Art of Digital Comics: Character Drawing and Illustration with Clip Studio and Tablets.

Exploring the Art of Digital Comics: Character Drawing and Illustration with Clip Studio and Tablets.


In this class, we will explore the art of digital comics, focusing on character drawing and illustration with Clip Studio and Tablets. We will dive deep into substantive techniques for creating vivid lines and colors, exploring how to create illustrations that blend manga and live-action styles.

Nemnem and Deforme Webtoons

Nemnem and Deforme are two popular webtoons that exemplify the blending of manga and live-action styles. These webtoons feature dynamic characters with unique personalities and detailed backgrounds. Our class will focus on learning how to draw and illustrate characters like those found in these webtoons, using techniques such as figure drawing and personage creation.

Digital Drawing Tools: Clip Studio and Tablets

To create our illustrations, we will make use of the powerful digital drawing tools provided by Clip Studio and tablets. Clip Studio is a software specifically designed for creating manga and comics, allowing us to easily add details, adjust colors, and create unique effects. The tablet provides a natural drawing experience similar to traditional mediums, allowing us to bring our artwork to life with ease.

Learn from Annie, an Experienced Illustrator

Leading this class is Annie, an experienced illustrator with a passion for creating dynamic characters and vibrant illustrations. She has worked on many projects throughout her career, including graphic novels, concept art, and animation. Her guidance and expertise will help students to develop their own skills and abilities, while also providing valuable insights into the creative process.

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